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Satoshi Systems delivers innovative digital solutions for end-to-end commodity supply chain operations. We are committed to streamlining commodity trade, finance and management, making it easier, faster, cheaper, more secure and transparent.

Our products leverage Cloud, AI, IoT, ML and Blockchain technologies to help the commodity sector leapfrog from its current low tech, inefficient state, to a new, improved era of digital exchange. 

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Meet Satoshi Systems

We are a Fintech startup, comprised of experts in commodity trade, finance, SCM and technology, with a collective 30+ cumulative years of experience in the industry. Driven by a passion to address the inefficiencies, inequities and intermediation facing today’s global supply chain operations, Saurabh and Khai joined forces and founded Satoshi Systems Ltd.

Our mission is to transform the way commodity trade, finance and management is conducted via the leveraging of intelligent, efficient emerging technologies that will enable all participants to prosper and to profit. Currently, the commodities sector is significantly trailing behind the growing interconnectedness and complexities of our global world.  As we see it, now is the opportunity for innovators, like us, to make positive, responsible changes for the greater good of future commodity trade.

Inclusivity is key to our vision; our platforms cater for traders, financiers and all other supply chain participants, from farmers to insurers, transport providers to risk managers. We strongly believe in democratising the supply chain and harnessing opportunities for the SME and midcap market, which are both technologically and financially underserved, as well as underrepresented. 


Our Customers

Chocomac Ghana Limited

A leading independent cocoa processing company in Ghana, Chocomac is using Minerva as their business management platform - managing the entire value chain from purchase of the cocoa beans to sale of the finished products to their customers.


Proud Advocates of Sustainable Development Goals

Our company's vision is closely aligned with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Meeting the criteria of this agenda requires action, and its success relies on organisations weaving SDGs into their projects. At Satoshi Systems, our business models move beyond standard corporate, social responsibility to embrace true social and environmental innovation. We are conscious of the need to make measurable improvements to the people, communities and world around us. Our digital platforms are actively making strides to do just that. 

Current Projects

We are currently working on a number of international projects, using our ideas and technology to make a difference to agri-business and carbon emissions trading.

Satoshi Systems has been the recipient of several prestigious funding awards.  


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Our Partners

Satoshi Systems works with companies, governments and academic organisations to actively address global sustainability issues. 

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We are a Fintech startup, comprised of experts in commodity trade, finance, SCM and technology, with a collective 30+ cumulative years of experience in the industry.

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